Counselors at Law
The law firm of Edward David &
Associates, LLC is a full service law firm
providing a wide range of legal services
for a growing and diversified clientele.  We
dedicated to effective and vigorous
client service throughout the New
York/New Jersey metropolitan area with
offices in East Hanover, New Jersey and
Manhattan, New York.  The firm utilizes
state-of-the-art facilities and technology in
our quest to do the best possible work for
our clients.
The firm has substantial experience in corporate and
business matters, real estate and leasing, banking,
construction, general corporate and commercial litigation,
tenancy, coop/condo law, bankruptcy and debtor/creditor
law,  a
nd employment and labor law.

The firm's clients include public and closely-held
companies, manufacturers, banks and banking
organizations, developers, cooperatives, condominiums,
landlords, tenants, business entrepreneurs and individuals
in a variety of fields, such as garment center and other
clothing manufacturers and retailers,  real estate
development and leasing, corporate relocations,
manufacturing, securities brokerage, construction,
communications, accounting, banking, medical professions,
food service and other wholesale and retail business
Edward David & Associates, LLC
Counselors at Law
New Jersey: 973-994-3003

New York : 646-696-1594